Kusangka Selamanya

Perasaan yang bernaung ketika seseorang sedang dalam masa bahagia,penuh harap bahwa ini akan bertahan selamanya. Memikirkan untuk kehilangan saja belum sempat,apalagi jika harus benar-benar kehilangan untuk selamanya.

Beberapa bahagia, punya teman baru kemudian dekat,merasa cocok satu sama lain,berharap bahwa hubungan yang terjalin dapat dilanjutkan ke jenjang selanjutnya,tiba –tiba dia hilang entah kemana,tak kunjung terdengar kabarnya.

Beberapa bahagia, merajut kasih bertahun lamanya,menghabiskan senang dan sedih bersama berdua,orang tuanya sudah saling bertemu,tiba-tiba dia memutuskan hubungan dan secepat itu pula dia menikah dengan orang lain.

Beberapa bahagia, disahkan dengan pasangan yang dicintainya,bersumpah sehidup semati,tiba-tiba dia berubah dan mengkhianati sumpahnya.

Beberapa bahagia, dikaruniai buah hati yang lucu,bermain bersama siang malam,tiba-tiba dia harus menelan pil pahit bahwa buah hatinya harus pergi kembali ke sang penciptanya sebelum bisa mengucapkan kata pamit.

Kita hidup di dunia fana yang demikian.

Tidak ada yang abadi,apa-apa yang kita miliki,pada akhirnya akan hilang.

Tidak sedikit orang yang menghapus perlahan lukanya dan kembali berjalan.

Tidak sedikit orang yang sampai hari ini, 24 september 2017,mencoba bangkit namun lukanya tak kunjung sembuh.






Letakanlah rasa syukur diatas keinginanmu
Niscaya kau tak akan pernah merasa kekurangan
Tapi jika kau letakkan nafsu diatas keinginanmu
Maka nikmat seluas samudrapun tak akan terasa.


People who feel anxious often manifest several symptoms, such as headache, sleeping problems, concentration problems, and distress. Because of the fast rhythm of life in today’s world, which is full of challenges, problems, and stress, anxiety has started to be a common and widespread feeling, especially among the youth.

Actually, anxiety occurs as a result of social, academic, and life stresses. Some youth face social stress and anxiety because of issues like marriage. They feel they may not be able to find a suitable person to marry. Others get worried about whether they will be able to fulfill the financial responsibilities of marriage and other general duties. Even married couples might also face several obstacles in their life, which makes them feel anxious.

Another source of anxiety among the youth is the stress that often comes about because of the fear of failure in choosing the right career or because of high expectations and ambitions.

Even school and university students get anxious particularly during the period of exams. Submitting projects, research papers, and completed assignments and meeting deadlines are also sources of anxiety among students. In many cases, students fear to be blamed if they fail to meet the high expectations of their families.

Anxiety can be dangerous if it starts to be part of a person’s lifestyle. This can be the case if you are continually anxious — with or without reason — and if simple things arouse your anxiety. In order to overcome this problem, you first have to think of the negative physical, psychological, and social consequences that might happen as a result of your continual anxiety.

 What can you do? 

Although anxiety is a problem for many people, it can still be solved. Reciting the Qur’an is the best way to get rid of any feeling of anxiety. and from starting off this way, you continue by sharing your feeling with a friend or a member of your family to support you!

Anyone can experience these anxious feelings, but the important thing is to comprehend the reason behind the anxiety, which mainly arouses from a feeling of fear toward the future. Knowing the future is the choice of Almighty Allah for us, and we have to trust Allah’s choice. We have to be sure that Almighty Allah decides the livelihood and blessings for every one of us.

 Dependence on Almighty Allah

Our role is to exert our utmost effort in our studies, work, and issues at hand and to leave the future to Almighty Allah. Regularly praising and remembering Almighty Allah and reciting His Book are the main key to tranquility of the heart and confidence, which in turn treat any feeling of anxiety. It is not a matter of a specific medication; you are the one who can treat yourself through your sound faith and trust in the will and choice of Almighty Allah.

And always remember to do your best and Allah will do the rest.